Physical Transfer Services

We’re experts in transferring your original media to virtually any other format, in quantities large and small. Our meticulous craftsmanship assures high-quality results for every job we do.

We offer our customers the expertise to help determine the formats and settings that will best suit their project requirements. We also aim to keep our pricing affordable.

Some of the transfer services we specialize in include:

Transfer to DVD

All of our direct-to-DVD transfers use industrial DVD recorders reserved for the highest broadcast standards and formats.

Transfer to digital video

Need a quick transfer of your physical media to ProRes, AVI, or other digital post-production format but don’t own your own equipment? Delivering high-quality mezzanine files for websites, video editing, and archiving are all strengths of ours. In addition to capturing and digitizing your video, our video professionals can help you determine the right file format for your needs.

Output to tape

When you need to get your video on DigiBeta, DVCAM, or other digital tape format, we have the equipment and experience to handle your project.

Transfer from 8mm movie film

Transfer your super 8 or 8mm movie film to a digital file that you can edit. Using cutting-edge scanner technology, we give you the best possible "flicker-free" motion picture film transfer by scanning each individual frame.

Transfer to Internet platforms

Preparing video for the Internet is one of our biggest strengths — we can easily transfer your physical media to online video services like YouTube, Hulu, Brightcove, and more. We can also work with your metadata to make your video more findable on the Web or deliver your video via multi-bitrate streams that display at the resolution best suited for the viewer’s connection speed.

Foreign conversions

We can easily convert a foreign VHS tape or DVD to a format viewable in this country, or we can take your original media and convert it to the format needed to watch it in a particular location abroad. Formats include PAL, NTSC, and SECAM. We also specialize in transferring your DVD to a format that can be watched in any region around the world.

Audio conversions

In addition to video, our production specialists are also highly experienced in transferring audio from cassettes, albums, mixed tapes, and reel-to-reel tapes to CD (or the electronic file format of your choice).

DVD duplication

We can produce multiple physical copies for all of the above services, including handling custom printing, labeling, and packaging.