I Guess Not Everything that Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…

I Guess Not Everything that Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…

Vegas Sign

By: Mike Wilson

So, our most recent gig took us to Sin City. That’s right, Vegas baby! We were contracted by the IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television) in case you didn’t know, to set up and operate a live web stream of their 2013 awards show.

The event was held at the Palazzo theatre in the Palazzo Casino, during the Consumer Electronics Show, which was happening over at the Venetian.  IAWTV is a really cool group because they support and promote indie-produced content for distribution on the web, a good thing to know for all you starving indie filmmakers out there. Awards were given for best comedy, drama, and documentary, things like that.

What really had me going was all of the excitement surrounding this rising genre of creative content distribution. I mean creating content for the web certainly has its advantages right? It’s easier, and cheaper to produce, and the audience reach is crazy! I also dug the fact that the awards show highlighted this relatively new avenue of production by crediting shows that have attained successful exposure through the Internet.

There were a gang-load of producers at the event, and likewise many contenders for the awards. Some of the winners included: Best animated series: Red vs. Blue; Best Cinematography: H+ The Digital Series; Best comedy series: Squaresville; Best costume design: The League of S.T.E.A.M.; Best design: Continuum; Best documentary series: PRODIGIES; and Best drama series: Leap Year.

The fact that the show took place during CES added a whole new dimension to the event, because technology was in the air. New technologies make stretching the dollar more possible than ever before. The new communication and production technologies being promoted right next door will give way to a whole new generation of creative artists, who because of the internet are free to produce what they want without the demands and constraints of complex workflows, studios, financing, and distribution of the past.

Just like them, Video Destination strives to be on the forefront of the communications movement by utilizing the latest technology available. So, we felt right at home.

Mike Wilson is a Webcast Producer with Video Destination Digital Media, a musician by night, and an all around nice guy.