Business Solutions

Video Destination is a leading provider of professional video conversion services, whether you need electronic or physical media encoded, compressed, or converted.

Armed with years of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, our video conversion professionals act as an extension of your own organization’s team, ready to tackle any video project that arises.

Our client-focused approach means we adapt easily to your organization’s workflow — not the other way around. We offer our clients the know-how and experience to help determine the formats and settings that will best suit their project requirements. We also aim to keep our pricing in line with your business’s budget and our media delivery within your deadlines.

File conversion

Our in-house encoding engineers have the skills to handle high-volume file conversion jobs and the expertise to determine the formats/settings ideally suited to making your media look and sound its best. With years of experience compressing media, we understand how to make video look great at low bit-rates — which means it loads faster, performs better, and saves you money on bandwidth. In addition, we offer our first-rate customer service and a hands-on approach to quality assurance.

Physical transfer services

When you find yourself with physical legacy media that you need transferred to DVD or made available for online viewing, look no further than Video Destination. We’re experts in transferring your original media to nearly any format, in quantities large and small. Our meticulous craftsmanship assures high-quality results for every job we do.